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Lower Masonry Construction Costs with Union Mason Contractors

J&S Masonry’s construction site at Mirabella with hydraulic mast climbing scaffold

Lower Masonry Construction Costs with Union Mason Contractors

Lower Masonry Construction Costs with Union Contractors

At J&S Masonry, we’re proud of our history of union labor. For over 30 years, it is this commitment that has allowed us to keep our employees happy, productive and engaged with their work; a timeless recipe for lower masonry costs.

Lower the Cost of Masonry Work

With our efficient and experienced union team, we’re able to be incredibly cost effective. Because of this, our bids can be more aggressive.

Our dedication to our team of Tradesman is an investment in the future. We maintain long term projects, providing a consistent schedule of construction rather than relying on short term temporary projects.

In addition to our reliable calendar of projects, we also work to protect the health and safety of all of our employees.

Using Union Manpower to Create the Best Masonry Construction Company in the North West

In our business, people matter. And of course, having a well trained and experienced workforce helps to keep the cost of masonry work affordable for our clients. That’s why we’ve gone above and beyond to ensure that our people stand head and shoulders above the rest.


At J&S, we utilize an apprenticeship program to make sure that our workers are learning the skills that matter from masters of their craft. We offer continuing education so that every project is up to date with the latest masonry construction techniques and technology. Additionally, our world class safety education and commitment to a drug free workplace ensure our employees are always able to give every job their best.


Our extensive training programs and union values don’t just reflect our dedication to our Tradesmen, but also our desire to retain our workers in the long term. We work hard to keep our turnover rate as low as possible so that we can fully take advantage of the training and experience of our team. We cultivate highly skilled workers and avoid using short term temporary workers.

Employee Benefits

Our workforce is like a team of professional athletes; we attract top level talent and work to ensure they stay with us by offering high quality benefits. Using this approach has allowed us to maintain a busy schedule of consistent contracted work. In fact, we’re contracted through 2020.

Some of the perks our team members enjoy include:

-Competitive wages and benefits

-Annual raises

-Lavish family events for our foremen and crew members

We’re always striving to keep our employees moving forward. We take time to train our foremen and company leaders with ongoing training and education. J&S Masonry also maintains a strong commitment to diversity, working closely with Women in Trade to hire and train the next generation of female leadership.

Utilizing the best equipment in masonry construction

Masonry is hard work. That’s why J&S is committed to providing the best equipment in the industry. We utilize Fraco mast climbing scaffolding to keep our workers safe and secure no matter where the job takes them. We minimize back strain through our use of mortar silos so our workers can avoid lifting heavy bags. Multiple forklifts in different classes ensure we always have the right tool for the job. And above all, our comprehensive planning and logistics keeps our work safe, cost effective and running smoothly.

Why it all matters

It’s because of our people that we’re able to keep our costs down. We take pride in our union workers because they do world class work. With a foundation of organized labor and J&S’ blueprint for employee success, we’re building solutions that work for our clients.

Contact us to learn how union labor can help you reduce costs on your next masonry construction project!

Example of J&S Masonry’s masonry construction at Autzen stadium at the University of Oregon on a sunny day

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