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With property prices at a premium throughout most of the Pacific Northwest, building upward is often the best way to maximize value and ensure a good return on investment. However, building a mid-rise or high rise building is complex, and nothing should be left to chance. Thats why many contractors turn to J&S Masonry, taking full advantage of a skill set that ranges across masonry facades, scaffolding, and construction project management.

Fast track construction holds both promise and peril. For property owners, it holds the potential of a quicker return on investment; for contractors, it can mean the ability to take on more projects each year. However, if not properly managed, fast track construction projects can raise quality and planning issues. If these issues arise, the promise of saving money can be lost, and may lead to disputes and recriminations if things go wrong. The success of a project depends on a contractor with experience in fast track construction. These contractors should possess strong project management skills, the right equipment, and the qualified people to work with to make a fast track schedule work.