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November 2019

When the United States entered World War II in 1941, it was the beginning of a seismic shift in the American workforce. As millions of men left for Europe, Africa, and the Pacific, they left behind a gap in the factories and skilled trades. Women stepped up by the millions, helping keep industry and construction running smoothly stateside, and turning the USA into the Arsenal of Democracy. Seven decades later, women are still a necessary part of the workforce but are woefully underrepresented in the trades. Even though construction, on the whole, is expected to grow by up to 12 percent by 2026, only 9.1 percent of the modern construction workforce is made up of women. Far from being discouraged by these statistics, J&S Masonry sees them as an opportunity. If you’re one of the growing numbers of women seeking commercial masonry careers in the Pacific Northwest, you’re welcome here.