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Our Story

A Commercial Masonry Contractor On Your Team

For over 30 years, we have delivered exceptional masonry work while maintaining award-winning safety records. With hundreds of public and private projects under our belts, we help our partners reach innovative and cost-saving solutions for all kinds of masonry work. Our experience combined with our ownership of state-of-the-art hydraulic scaffolding and ability to handle multiple scopes of work make us an asset to any construction team.

When you contract with J&S Masonry, you are working with professionals who elevate your vision to produce stunning outcomes.

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Quality Masonry Work Since 1983

Our company’s leaders have decades of experience completing a wide variety of commercial, industrial, and institutional masonry projects across the western United States. Architects, General Contractors, and Owners benefit from the unique perspectives our seasoned leads bring to the table. We share our expertise in design, value engineering, and constructability, enabling our partners to complete projects on time, safely, and economically.

We employ union tradesmen with thousands of hours of training and on-the-job masonry experience. Our labor force has the grit to complete big block buildings at speed and the technical skills to lay high-end façades with modern materials and systems.

Contract Multiple Scopes of Work with J&S

We are a full-service masonry contractor and perform contract work for projects of all sizes. Unlike many other contractors, we are certified and insured to work on high-rise apartments and condominiums as well as industrial, commercial, and institutional structures. Our scope of work is equally broad. From brick and stone to weather barriers and sealants, we are able to complete nearly all exterior work under one roof. Uniquely, we own multi-trade hydraulic FRACO access equipment, allowing our clients to have the convenience of one team supplying, erecting, managing, and using scaffold on a huge variety of masonry projects throughout the Northwest.

Meet the Team

Put your next commercial masonry project in good hands. Contact us to learn what our qualified, experienced, and motivated team can do for you!

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Where We Work

We proudly serve Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada, Idaho, and Montana. Our three offices and main equipment yard are spread across Oregon and Washington, making our travel fees lower than many of our competitors. With multiple offices, we are ideal masonry contractors for clients who work within and across state lines.


Oregon’s popular red brick veneer beautifully contrasts the state’s evergreen backdrop. It is our go-to material in this part of the Pacific Northwest, and we have completed several high-profile red brick structures across the state.


Notably, we sourced over 160,000 Pacific Northwest manufactured bricks to serve as the primary façade for the Linus Pauling Science Center at Oregon State University, one of the university’s most inspiring buildings. For The Wyatt, a 15-story mixed-use structure in the heart of Portland’s North Pearl district, we laid over 300,000 bricks. We also restored the Broadway Commerce Center in Eugene to its original arched brick appearance.


Our work in Oregon includes a variety of masonry solutions for stadiums, hospitals, schools, cinemas, public facilities, and high-rise mixed-use towers.

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Material diversity best describes Washington’s eclectic structural aesthetic. Our large network of suppliers affords us steady and high-volume access to a wide range of masonry materials. Let our highly-skilled and experienced team help you decide which material is best for your project.


For the YWCA Family Village located in the growing Issaquah Highlands, we used Flemish Bond Brick, Norman sized Mauna Loa and Wheat accent bands. The high contrast and affordable housing unit is a place that all walks of life are proud to call home. The Bellettini, a 145-unit luxury retirement community in Bellevue required our team to lay a combination of intricate Cast Stone trim and Natural Limestone in a random Ashlar pattern. We have even worked on disaster-prone projects in Seattle’s Pioneer Square liquefaction zone like the new Fire House 10, carefully selecting a resilient exterior that required minimal maintenance and seamlessly blended into the neighborhood.


Like our work in Oregon, we source and lay a wide range of masonry materials for commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings.

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