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The Wyatt

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The Wyatt (originally named the Cronin, after the site’s previous warehouse tenant) was designed by Portland’s Fletcher, Farr Ayotte to be the jewel of Portland’s North Pearl district. It is a 15-story brick structure that contains 246 residential units above the street level retail shops. The building’s owners wanted a connection to the site’s history, so the building incorporates a large number of salvaged brick from the previous structure as a key architectural feature of the new building, and also maintains an iron truss connecting the building to the renowned Bridgeport Brewery across the street. J&S, working as a subcontractor for Andersen Construction, also provided all of the exterior scaffolding on this project. All told, J&S laid over 300,000 brick on the Wyatt , in addition to the 20,000 CMU and over 5,000 Calcium Silicate Masonry Units.


Portland, OR

General Contractor:

Andersen Construction


Fletcher Farr Ayotte


1221 NW Marshall St, Portland, OR 97209