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Reser Stadium

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Reser Stadium is the home of the Oregon State Beavers’ football team. During two separate phases, J&S worked under four different contracts with general contractor Hunt-Wildish to completely rebuild the stadium’s east and south faces. J&S laid 150,000 brick on the four monument towers alone, plus an additional 100,000 CMU and 50,000 structural brick on the other structures. J&S installed the precast panels that cover the base of each building, as well as an accent stripe up the side of each tower before crowning the cap. J&S also performed the masonry work at the university’s first parking garage simultaneously to the bulk of the stadium work.

In 2022 construction started on Reser Stadium in order to demolish and reconstruct the west side of the stadium. The new structure is expected to feature 43,000 brick placed by J&S Masonry, as well as 25,000 CMU block. This high-profile project will see our brick displayed, covering the concrete sublates which support the massive towers of the stadium.


Corvallis, OR



General Contractor:

Hunt-Wildish Joint Venture


660 SW 26th St, Corvallis, OR 97331