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Salem Hospital Patient Care Tower

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Built between 2007 and 2009, the Patient Care tower is the shining centerpiece of Salem’s hospital. A 10-story tower with brick from base to the top of the highest elevator shaft, 200,000 brick went into the making of this immense structure. 25,000 CMU were also laid by J&S in the building’s basement and lower levels. The base of the building’s exterior featured cast stone accent pieces set by us, and J&S craftsmen laid the exterior natural stone fountain and stone walls that decorate the courtyard between the Patient Care Tower and the building to its immediate north.

From 2020 through 2022 the hospital received an expansion of it’s Patient Care and Lab Draw Station building. Once again, J&S was selected to complete the masonry work for the project. This addition highlights J&S’ ability to blend newly installed brick with the already present masonry.


Salem, OR


HK Architects

General Contractor:

Turner Construction


890 Oak St SE building a, Salem, OR 97301