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Keizer Station

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Located adjacent to I-5 right between exit 260 and the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes baseball stadium, this retail development was a grass field in 2005. It is now home to over 20 buildings, and almost 40 businesses. J&S was involved in building all of the early work in the project, including anchor tenants Lowe’s and Target, in addition to the next two major phases of the project. All told, J&S laid over 300,000 block at Keizer Station, working with three different general contractors – LCG Pence, Skanska USA, and Jackson Dean Construction.


Keizer, OR


Benner Stange Associates Architects

General Contractor:

LCG Pence (retail), Jackson Dean (Lowe’s), Skanska (Target)


Keizer Station Blvd Oregon 97303